Pond Guarani ou Olho Guarani (2012, 2013, 2014)

fase3This Environmental sculpture project started in 2012 as an intervention in the landscape of the country side of Campo Magro, near Curitiba, South of Brazil. It consists in a pond in a shape of an eye, with 144 square meters with a circular island centered. I named it “Pond Guarani” as an homage to the first peoples living in this area where the work is set, and because it would reveal the water from the underground, which comes from the Guarani Aquifer running beneath this lands, as a metaphor for the visibility this Aquifer needs to achieve and its relevance for our culture. The technique consisted in the extraction of matter (earth) to let a new flow raise from the ground, filling the sculpture with water. With no use of artificial materials in any way the bottom of the pond kept the water on the surface and created a new site, full of potential for life. Month after month since then, new chains of living creatures found their ways of adapting itselves and growing inside the work. Depending on the season, the colors and the way of the work, its configuration, changes and expands or  restrains. It’s a living organism. As an artist, there is a satisfaction to me to observe my work growing and living by itself, the many different kinds of systems and patterns emerging from this action of sculpting the landscape and how my expression as an human being can relate harmoniously with the world around me. It’s very rewarding. I decided not to control too much the sculpture. My relation with it, in the past years, have been observing and photographing the process. The tones of images I made sometimes create certain difficulty for me to clear the form I want to present the work to people. I first showed registers of it in an exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, in October 2013. Now I have enough material to organize a show of this work here in Brazil. It will be never ready and always perfectly finished by the hand of nature. An insertion in the landscape is always a product of the relation between body and earth. This sculpture is an act of freeing the spirit who lives within my being. I am nature and nature is me. The ancient say becomes the new true: it’s time to remember from where we came. Bellow, a picture of the sculpture how it is today, in July 2014.




Postcards of the project / 2014






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